Whether local or global, Evangel is a prime participant in the mission field. From serving in other countries, to state-side mission trips, all the way down to our local neighborhoods, our desire is to partner with you as we reach others for Christ. 

Reaching out to others and sharing the gospel of Christ is our primary goal. To this end, Evangel partners with many local agencies to impact our community:

-We provide a luncheon for local teachers upon return to school each year.
-We partner with local police and first responders in crime and accident scenes, providing support and assistance on scene, assisting with family notifications, and trauma-counseling for emergency response personnel.
-We have opened the doors to our Ebenezer House, a place of safety and refuge for victims of abuse, violence, or unexpected homelessness. 

Globally, Evangel seeks to spread God’s word through partnerships with foreign and local missionaries and through annual mission trips involving both our adults and youth. Working with missionaries in India, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Galapagos Islands, among others, our teams work to provide medical care, dental care, build housing, plant churches, train ministers, and provide vacation bible school experiences for the area locals. In addition, Evangel partners with many stateside missionaries as they work to be God’s hands and feet in communities across the United States. From mountaintops in Tennessee to children’s homes in Arkansas, and from soup kitchens in New York to college campuses in Tallahassee, our mission department strives to provide relevant, practical support to those in need, at home and around the world. 

If you would like to be involved in this ministry, please contact the church office at 526-2232.