Dream Again!

There are a lot of things in life that I have dreamed about. Some of them are attainable and some of them are not... like the island i've thought about owning, the yacht, the crystal clear waters, the... wait, I'm back. Dreams can be good and bad. There are those reoccurring dreams of the bad things that have happened, which the enemy continues to bring back to your mind on a regular basis telling you'll never be anything. But remember, the devil is the "Father of Lies."

I love what Mark Batterson says in his book, "Chasing the Lion."

"Dreams aren't just born; they are sometimes born again. Most dreams die not because they are the wrong dream but because the timing is wrong. We're not ready for it, or it isn't ready for us. But what seems like a waiting period is really a grace period. Don't put a period where a God puts a comma. When the time is right, dust off the dream and rededicate it to God."

     I am learning, at least I hope I am, that God sees things much further ahead than I do. What I think is a "No," could actually be God saying, "Danger ahead!"

Today, I choose to live in the "Grace Period!!!"