It's Time!

Have you ever heard someone make the statement, "They have too much time on their hands," or "If I just had some more time..."? Time can be our friend or it can be our foe.

Mark Batterson makes the following observation in his book, "Chasing the Lion."

"Every life is defined by decisive moments, and those moments of decision often dictate the course of decades. That shouldn't make you nervous, not if God is ordering your footsteps. It should fill you with destiny! In his book Decisive Moments in History, author Stefan Zweig described "a single moment that determines and decides everything: a single Yes, a single No, too late makes that hour irrevocable for a hundred generations and determines the life of an individual, a people and even the destiny of all mankind." That may sound like an overstatement at first, but I actually think it's an understatement. Yes, decisive moments are few and far between. But the ripple effects of those moments transcend time and space. Our actions and inactions have eternal ramifications. And for the record, inaction is an action."

Wow! I don't know if this impacted you like it did me, but when he said "inaction is an action," it hit me like a sledge hammer to the chest. I don't want to be identified by my inaction in the kingdom of God. I want to be defined by my action.

How do you define yourself? Better yet... how does God define you?